Februari 07, 2019

A Summary of LibreOffice Karasa Jaga Icon Theme Works (For Upcoming 6.2 Release)

As we know, Karasa Jaga, an icon theme derived from the Oxygen theme successfully entered the last fresh release of LibreOffice (6.1) on August. Since its inception for the first time, Karasa Jaga has been very complete and can even be said to have nearly 5,000 icons, because it has exceeded the number of icons that Galaxy and Colibre have had since first entering Karasa Jaga already has extra large icon support (32px * 32px).

But the work did not stop there, there were many things that should be improved. Moreover, in the next 6.2 release there are so many new icons that should be made especially to support the Notebookbar Tab interface. In addition, the existing icons also need to be adjusted, plus I want to add more SVG support.

Now I would like to show you the improvements that have been landed to Karasa Jaga. Although in this period I was more preoccupied with improving the elementary icon theme, I did not leave the mandate to improve Karasa Jaga, just like I took care of my own child. :) I admit that for this period the improvement were not as massive as previously released, but significant enough to be discussed as well. Let's see side by side

LibreOffice Writer

Standard Toolbar

View Menu
Mail Merge Toolbar
Data Source

LibreOffice Calc

Standard Toolbar
Row Right Click Menu
Column Right Click Menu
Sheet Menu
Data Tab
Tool Tab

LibreOffice Impress
Standard Toolbar
Slide Transition

LibreOffice Draw
New Tab Interface

Shape Menu

Other Stuffs

Table Properties
Sidebar Component
Flip Action
Data Table

That's all, if you find something strange or want to request change, just file a bug to my github page or TDF Bugzilla.