Agustus 03, 2020

Neo Colibre for Maximum Productivity

Having fun everyone. I wish you are all doing good in this tough time.

It was Adolfo who complaint about Colibre's failure to accomplish WCAG contrast guideline. He said the colors are too faint and everything looks washed out. Furthermore, MS Office 365 has since moved those colors to a brand new monoline style iconography. See this bug report for details

So I took the chance to update this Windows default icon theme. Luckily, the icon theme comes with SVG version, I can easily use bash script to automate a neccessary color conversion, and take the rest manually. In one month, I finally managed to finish this "Neo" Colibre. Hopefully this will benefit the largest LibreOffice user platform (approximately more than ~80%).

Here you can see side by side comparison to see the improvement (click to enlarge then right click > "View Image" for Firefox, right click > "Open image in a new tab" for Chrome for maximum appearance)

Start Center

Standard User Interface







Tabbed User Interface
















3D Settings

By God will, this will be available in 7.0 release. You can try it earlier from my github repo as an extension (make sure your LibO version equal or greater than 6.0):

Juli 18, 2020

New Features in Impress Presenter Screen/Presenter Console

In the previous post, I showed you how the UI of Presenter Screen/Presenter Console has been updated after more than a decade.

What is Impress Presenter Screen or  Presenter Console?

I am not sure with term is the most up to date, but if you are not familiar with Presenter Screen or Presenter Console. It is the UI that you see in your personal computer or laptop which contain speaker notes as well as timer, and slide order while your notes free slide showed in audience screen (projector or television).

If we trace back, this Impress feature was came from extension. It was so popular than the developers integrated it to the core. Michael Meeks, one of veteran of OpenOffice/LibreOffice said in the LibreOffice Design Telegram group that the code needed to be cleaned up. But the good news that in current master Presenter Screen/Presenter Console has receive some updates also.

So what's update is that? Thanks for Srijan Bahtia. With his voluntary work, Presenter Screen/Presenter Console now has two new features. I help him to provide necessary icons.

New Pause/Resume Button

Now you can pause and resume the timer. In case your presentation is interrupted or your session got coffee break, this is so handy. At first patch, Srijan asked in bug report an icon, but I propose to provide two icons based on timer status: pause and resume in one place.

New Exit Button
Actually we can end the Presenter Screen/Presenter Console with Esc key but sometimes clickable icon will help also for people that have no access to keyboard or for the beginner user which still has no knowledge about common keystroke.

This is how the Presenter Screen/Presenter Console looks now. Look at "Pause" button next to the timer.

You can try them in daily master build and will be available Insha Allah in 7.1 version.

Juni 17, 2020

New Presenter Screen/Presenter Console User Interface

Long time no updates, here I would show you a little improvement over the UI of Impress Presenter Screen/ Presenter Console. The UI itself has no major change since first inception in 2008/2009 so I try to make it more modern.

The extra white border pixel in the box has been removed as well as the blurred shadow. The background also a little bit darker now and of course the icons in the bottom toolbar now looked sharped and harmonized.

Slide Transition (Before):
Slide Transition (After):

Slides List (Before):

Slides List (After): 

Zoom icons and scrollbar also got love.

Slide Notes (Before):

Slide Notes (After):

This will available for 7.0 release version.