Juli 18, 2020

New Features in Impress Presenter Screen/Presenter Console

In the previous post, I showed you how the UI of Presenter Screen/Presenter Console has been updated after more than a decade.

What is Impress Presenter Screen or  Presenter Console?

I am not sure with term is the most up to date, but if you are not familiar with Presenter Screen or Presenter Console. It is the UI that you see in your personal computer or laptop which contain speaker notes as well as timer, and slide order while your notes free slide showed in audience screen (projector or television).

If we trace back, this Impress feature was came from extension. It was so popular than the developers integrated it to the core. Michael Meeks, one of veteran of OpenOffice/LibreOffice said in the LibreOffice Design Telegram group that the code needed to be cleaned up. But the good news that in current master Presenter Screen/Presenter Console has receive some updates also.

So what's update is that? Thanks for Srijan Bahtia. With his voluntary work, Presenter Screen/Presenter Console now has two new features. I help him to provide necessary icons.

New Pause/Resume Button

Now you can pause and resume the timer. In case your presentation is interrupted or your session got coffee break, this is so handy. At first patch, Srijan asked in bug report an icon, but I propose to provide two icons based on timer status: pause and resume in one place.

New Exit Button
Actually we can end the Presenter Screen/Presenter Console with Esc key but sometimes clickable icon will help also for people that have no access to keyboard or for the beginner user which still has no knowledge about common keystroke.

This is how the Presenter Screen/Presenter Console looks now. Look at "Pause" button next to the timer.

You can try them in daily master build https://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/master/ and will be available Insha Allah in 7.1 version.

3 komentar:

  1. The new feature for Presenter Screen/Presenter Console that I - and I think many others - want is the ability to minimise or resize it (to run in a window). Ideally perhaps the ability to run (at least for test/rehearsal purposes) a presentation in two windows (one for console, the other for 'live' show) on one physical screen. See bug 33495 (which has 9 duplicates!)


  2. I too want the ability to minimize or resize it (to run in a window).
    George Velius

  3. With the pandemic, the predominant form of presenting is now by screen sharing, not by connecting to a projector. Having the presenter console and presentation itself both appear fullscreen does not make sense for this use case -- they really need to each be in a window, following bug 33495 described above. (On my machine, both windows actually open up full screen on the same monitor -- even though I have two monitors -- thus making it impossible to see the notes or anything else while presenting.) My workaround is to use pdfpc, but this means giving up on custom animations (e.g. displaying a bulleted list item by item).