Februari 01, 2022

New Colibre's Chart Type Design

Currently Colibre is following the monoline theme guide as described in a previous post. There is a part that is still out of the guide, namely the chart images. On a whim to fill the Lunar New Year holiday, I redrawn almost the entirety of this chart. The reference goes back to the Galaxy icon theme.

Here's a screenshot of the current icon files

Here's a screenshot of the latest icon files.

Plus, here's a comparison video between the two :


This changes will eventually available in daily master build in one or two days Insha Allah while it's way too late for 7.3.0 version. But I have cherry-picked it for 7.3.1 version.


2 komentar:

  1. Brilliant, absolutely sterling work there. Thank you for all of the hard work over many years Rizmut. You and the design team are doing a fantastic job with the resources you have.

    I just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts and it is making LibreOffice a better application for everyone.👏👏👍

  2. Big thanks Jimmy. Would love to see more users enjoy using LibreOffice.