Januari 20, 2023

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  1. It depends on what is considered professional use, and what is considered special needs.
    LibreOffice is very good, but there are a lot of shortcomings, flaws in the functionality and errors.
    For example, it would be convenient for me to implement highlighting of the numbering styles used and others in the text of the document (it is better to add an additional item to the drop-down menu in the sidebar of Styles when hovering over the style name..
    Not all document formatting is transferred to MS Word documents. For example, underscores and frames in the design of headers and footers are not transferred.
    For example, I would really need integration with PrijectLibre. This program as part of LibreOffice + is a normal program for working with databases (agree that Base is a highly neutered solution - it does not have a normal interface, is not able to package created databases into separate packages, cannot work fully with MySQL and Postgtesql, etc.)
    Draw is not able to perform half of the functions that are available in MS Visio.
    LibreOffice is saturated with a large number of internal errors and contradictions, it is slow and clumsy. It needs to be cleaned of old codes and completely translated into one specific programming language and one framework